Accessing non-reimbursable funds

Our main activity consists in providing consultancy services on accessing the programs of non-reimbursable financing. This type of service is based on a detailed analysis of the situation to our customer, of its needs, being focused on the opportunities for which we can take advantage and on the possible deficiencies which require settlement. We not confine ourselves to offer advice, but forming a homogeneous team with our customer to exploit it to the maximum potential.

Consultancy services shall be geared through the development of the custom projects which corresponds to the requirements of economic, legal and technical provisions laid down in legislation. At the same time, documentation is carried out according to the special features of each company. We are aware that the business environment is extremely dynamic, so we keep the emphasis on the risk management, on business adaptation to economic trends, on the increase in turnover and on the profit margin.

Together with our collaborators we wish to proceed to truthful progress. Our role is to provide practical and applicable solutions, to draw up the projects so that they meet the requirements imposed in order to access non-reimbursable funds or governmental programs.

We are with our customers since the beginning of the process of accessing European or Governmental funds, which requires:

  • identification of the programs and the axis for which the project is eligible and accessing the non-reimbursable funds
  • monitoring of funding opportunities and optimization of the score
  • development of the applications for financing, of the supporting documents, of the business plans and financial forecasts
  • submission of the dossier for financing application (application for financing, accompanied by a business plan and financial forecasts)
  • assistance till the signing of the financing contract

Regarding Project Management, our team ensures:

  • the administration of the financing contract and any amendments consequent
  • compliance with the budget of the project
  • compliance with the indicators and the attainment of the objectives of the application for financing
  • the drawing up and the submission of the acquisition dossiers of the project
  • the drawing up and the submission of the applications for payment or of the reimbursement requests
  • assistance throughout the period of implementation of the project and of the monitoring period

The successfully implemented projects from our specialist’s portfolio recommend us in various sectors of activity, such as:

  • services
  • production
  • educational infrastructure, road and facilities
  • agriculture, with an emphasis on supporting and promoting environmental-friendly practices

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