Dr. Attila Palosi

Executive Board

Dr. Attila Pálosi

Executive Board CEO

Attila serves as CEO – Member of the Executive Board at Ellaal Goldberg. He has a strong paygrade of success in building brands in both consumer and business-to-business sectors. He has been a strategic and creative leader for over 15 years, having a unique focus on strategic innovation for clients.

He joined the Company as member of the board in 2015 to oversee investments and acquisitions. He graduated from University of Medicine and Pharmacy of Târgu Mureș in 2002 and after that he joined University of Petru Maior graduated with a Master in Health Management in 2007. As an active participant, Attila served as a national sales director of Ortoprofil Romania and as regional director of several medicine companies, having a significant contribution in building Catena and Richter pharmacy chains.

Attila’s creative vision, strategic insights and robust client relationships are a result of his passion integrity and a tireless work ethic. He is a strong and determined manager with an important focus in trusting people and growing them for more senior positions. Independent spirit, determination, skills and intelligence are his strengths, being open to feedback and interested in his own development. His efforts have ensured his place as a truly dedicated leader of our company.

Camelia Codrenut

Executive Board

Camelia Codrenuț

Executive Board CFO

Camelia is the CFO – Member of the Executive Board at Ellaal Goldberg. She is primarily responsible for the day-to-day activities of the firm like organizing, directing and managing the company’s activity in order to achieve the objectives and to fulfil the decisions of the shareholders.

She received a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Dimitrie Cantemir in Finance and Banking in 2007. Prior to that, she worked as a customer service officer and customer adviser PF and PJ for Tiriac Bank during 16 years. After graduation, she started working as a top client manager for Raiffeisen Bank until 2014 when she joined Ellaal Goldberg as a CFO.

Camelia thrives in a fast-paced environment where she can work on both an individual and a collaborative level to accomplish company’s goals and strategic purpose. She’s constantly looking for new challenges and ways to better herself, both professionally and personally. Outside of her work duties, she is a dog lover always ready to explore music and dancing, trekking, historical and animal documentary.

Catalina Demeny

Executive Board

Cătălina Demeny

Executive Board CMO

Cătălina is the CMO – Member of the Executive Board at Ellaal Goldberg. A dynamic, tactical and devoted marketing and brand strategy leader who started her career at a young age. With over 9 years of experience in the marketing field, she is an emerging talent. Under Cătălina’s leadership, Ellaal Goldberg’s marketing department shifted its areas of expertise into the digital.

Cătălina joined Ellaal Goldberg 3 years ago. Her role includes overseeing the planning, development and execution of organization’s marketing and advertising initiatives, her primary responsibilities are strategy development and brand creation.

As an optimistic, ambitious and creative character, Cătălina believes that the key to success is perseverance. What drives her in life is curiosity and the sense of accomplishment. She enjoys and wants to learn from every experience that she encounters in life, is eager to develop new skills every day constantly working on improving herself. She is a proud owner of the Apple Support Professional Certificate and plans to continue her studies in Executive Management at a higher level. Cătălina has a passion for IT and in her spare time enjoys reading philosophy, personal development books, loves to discover nature and spend quality time with loved ones.

Andrada Cristea

Administrative Department

Andrada Cristea

Assistant Manager

Andrada is a graduate of the University of Westfälische Wilhelms Münster’s mastered in touristic resources and environmental awareness – Germany. Shortly after graduation, she began working as an assistant manager for a local company, where she gained a vast experience during four years.

As Ellaal Goldberg’s office and manager assistant, her gregarious personality makes Andrada perfectly suited as the first friendly face you see when entering our office. She is heavily involved in client’s service needs, translating important documents to German and English, maintaining a good relationship with clients and companies, taking care of all documents and employee’s needs and so on.

She is proud of her Responsible Environment Protection certificate. In her spare time, Andrada enjoys playing tennis, riding her motorbike, skiing and mountain hiking.

Stela Vatamanescu

Project Development Department

Stela Vătămănescu

Project Manager

Stela is a manager with 11 years of experience in project management and administration. As a project manager, Stela utilizes her drive for perfection and aptitude for project management to oversee an ever-evolving list of projects from inception to completion, ensuring they run precisely to plan.

Having a Bachelor degree in Management from a university with economic profile and a Master degree in International Relations Management and European Affairs, Stela understood the principles of macro-economic society, but also the political relationships between countries and international organizations of the world, which she successfully applies in her professional life with the funders, company’s clients and all external factors involved in the development and implementation of the project.

Stela’s strong background in project management and client relations enables her to act strategically on behalf of clients in various fields, expertly managing Ellaal Goldberg’s many high-profile accounts.

In her spare time, when Stela isn’t crafting great projects for her clients, she enjoys traveling, exploring nature and dancing.

Vlad Sandor

Project Development Department

Vlad Sandor

Project Manager

After graduating the Master in Business Management, Vlad was integral in launching and develop businesses by accessing non-reimbursable or governmental funds. His position within these projects was: economist expert and project manager, demanded multi-disciplinary skills and a knowledge of what it takes to initiate and develop a business. With over 10 years’ experience in project development, Vlad brings a broad understanding of what it takes to grow an idea into a business.

Since joining Ellaal Goldberg as a project manager, Vlad has served clients in various fields, developing business plans, marketing strategies, financing, finding sources of non-reimbursable funds, obtaining permits and licenses required to set up or develop a business, utilizing his wide skill set in project management and vast experience with non-reimbursable funds.

Project Development Department

Roxana Holom


Roxana is Secretary of Project Development Department for Ellaal Goldberg. She assists the project managers in tailoring financing application in the first phase, primary documents within financing dossier and participate in market studies related to development projects to achieve client’s objectives. As currently enrolled in a master program, Roxana is pursuing her degree in Business Management.

Roxana also worked for several organizations during her bachelor, gaining experience by volunteering and working in sales consultancy field. It was here that she developed a deep knowledge about projects and complex plans.

Roxana brings an attention to detail and strong strategic organizational skills to her role. She loves reading, traveling, exploring new places, habits and knowing new people. Roxana strongly believes that diverse experiences help you to approach any situation in more productive manner.

Legal Department

Lorand Benyovszky

Legal Advisor

Lorand is a Legal Advisor Representative for Ellaal Goldberg. He has been working with private companies and owners since 2003. In his role with Ellaal Goldberg, Lorand works directly with clients to help the company accomplish legal goals, specializing in civil, commercial and labor law, relation with judiciary, territorial administrative authorities and business partners, assisting and advising top management in business meetings, negotiating and drafting contracts.

Lorand earned his Bachelor of Law in legal rights from “Simion Barnuțiu” Law School within the University “Lucian Blaga” Sibiu. He is the founder member of “College of the Legal Advisors Mures – Order of Legal Advisors in Romania”.

His hobbies are cycling, listening to rock music and attending live rock festivals/concerts.

Lucian Istrate

Financial Department

Lucian Istrate

Financial Director

Lucian is a driven financing professional with over 20 years of experience in tax consulting, implementation and enforcement of legislation tax at Ministry of Finance and National Agency for Fiscal Administration. His two years as financial manager for Ellaal Goldberg helped him develop a deep understanding of finance in a modern and diverse environment. He holds a Bachelor of Management degree from Babes-Bolyai University and a Master of National Institute of Administration degree.

As financial manager at Ellaal Goldberg, Lucian expertly analysis the financial and accounting for a fair positioning presentation and company’s performance to ensure efficient, timely and accurate reporting for all our clients.

Lucian is a very energetic character who enjoys being active and exploring nature while mountain biking, trekking and skiing.

Financial Department

Claudiu Pavel

Expert Accountant

Claudiu is an expert accountant for Ellaal Goldberg, responsible for the company’s finance, accounting records, strategic planning operations and financial transaction services. Prior to becoming Ellaal Goldberg’s expert accountant, Claudiu was the economic director for Chespa Transilvania during 5 years.

He holds a Bachelor of Accounting and Management Information System degree from the University of Petru Maior. Claudiu began his career in financial services in 2003, using his deep knowledge of financial markets and planning strategies, along with his passion for helping people, to assist his clients in achieving success and comfort in their financial lives. While working with clients to navigate some of the most difficult financial landscapes, Claudiu discovered that it is no longer a luxury to choose a trusted ethical advisor who has the client’s best interest at heart. With that in mind, he brings a consultative and educational approach to help clients make some of the most important financial decisions.

Financial Department

Adriana Zilisteanu


Adriana is a wise and driven economist professional with more than 25 years of experience, who has always believed proper financial planning is the best tool towards reaching financial goals. Before joining Ellaal Goldberg, Adriana worked for different Banks which helped her develop a deep understanding of the economic world.

Adriana joined Ellaal Goldberg because she believes the firm’s team approach and goal development process provides clients with innovative solutions rarely available at other companies. She also brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise in ensuring a proper conduct and relationship between the company and the bank, processing payrolls, the performance of the company and cash flow.

Adriana is a friendly, calm and patient character who enjoys spending her free time dancing, walking in the nature, spoiling her Bichon pet and shoe shopping.

Mihai Lup

Engineering Department

Mihai Lup

Agricultural Engineer

Mihai Lup, comes with more than 15 years of experience in agriculture, with the last 10 years in organic certification. In terms of organic certification, his experience is in production, as well as for processing or export. More than that, he worked in Romania as well as in countries like Ukraine, Azerbaijan or Russia.

Being an Agricultural Engineer at Ellaal Goldberg, he aims along with the company the long-term development of this domain, through establishing a private research centre for organic farming and zoo-technics. The research results of this centre, being public and available to all organic farmers will have a positive impact on the development of this sector in Romania as well as EU.

Mihai enjoys spending his free time traveling, riding the bike, kayaking, reading books and practises spelunking.

Cosmin Togan

Brand & Marketing Department

Cosmin Togan

Graphic Designer

An artist at heart, Cosmin pursued an education in architecture, art and design, dreaming of one day seeing everywhere some of his work. He brings his knowledge to the table, from graphic designer to photography. Cosmin worked before Ellaal Goldberg at Foto-Smiley Studio as photographer and designer.

He provides Ellaal Goldberg with talent and experience, website designs, logos and 3D designs that not only meet our clients’ expectations, but also his high standards as a professional creative. He has found his calling in solving clients’ problems through creative solutions, as well as bringing ideas and designs to life.

He has always been drawn to art, concept design and various forms of creativity, such as music. In his free time, he enjoys drawing, listening to hip-hop, rock and reggae, exploring nature, reading, playing video games and volunteering.

Brand & Marketing Department

Ioana Gliga

Marketing Specialist

Ioana Gliga graduated an MBA in Luxury Hospitality and Events Management from INSEEC University. She was working in the hospitality industry, which allowed her to sharpen her taste for client service in a luxury environment and skills manager of projects and budgets.

With 7+ years of hands-on management experience with this vast variety of clientele, Ioana excels as a Marketing Specialist at Ellaal Goldberg.

She is a proud founder member of Rotaract Transilvania Targu Mures and future vice president, volunteering her time and energy to numerous non-profit events that help people in need and not only. Outside the office, Ioana is a professional makeup artist that loves traveling, reading and feeding her soul.

IT Department

Adam Mihai Gergely

IT Manager

Adam Mihai Gergely is an IT Manager with 10 years of experience. His one year as an IT Manager for Ellaal Goldberg helped him develop a keen understanding of the fast-paced, unique environment he’s now mastered.

As IT Manager at Ellaal Goldberg, Adam expertly wields company’s hardware and software functionality, design and network maintenance, IT security, programming services and applications, IT and troubleshooting consultancy to ensure efficient, timely and accurate reporting for all our clients.

Adam is currently enrolled in PhD Computer Security willing to graduate and put into practice the knowledge he accumulated during his studies. He enjoys spending quality time with his family, reading, learning new things, traveling and enjoying nature.

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